Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jon Stewart Got Owned by Peter Schiff - M. Brown Case

 Jon Stewart (t.n. Jonathan Stewart Liebowitz) is a comedian. He is employed by the Comedy Channel. His rants are comedy. No wonder the low information radical left confuses comedy satire with political analysis.Some people think lies are comedy, Jon Stewart would be dead without the right to lie.

Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing regularly on CNBC, TechTicker and FoxNews. He is often referred to as "Doctor Doom" because of his bearish outlook on the economy and the U.S. Dollar in particular. Peter was one of the first from within the professional investment field to call the housing market a bubble. Peter has written a book called "Crash Proof" and a follow-on called "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets". He is the President of EuroPacific Capital, which is a brokerage specializing in finding dividend-yielding, value-based foreign stocks.

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