Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freedom Watch Apr 22 2009

Part 1 of 6 :

Part 2 of 6 :

Part 3 of 6 :

Part 4 of 6:

Part 5 OF 6 :

Part 6 of 6 :

Extra :
Shephard Smith drops an F-bomb during todays Freedom Watch: We do not Fucking torture!!!


  1. Shep acted drunk! I swear he was on something. And yes sometimes you have to do the hard things to protect your family. I believe killing in war is murder and I would do it without hesitation to protect my friends and family.

  2. In the first clip "Shepard" says "I have a microphone in me", ha, probably a microchip and antennae as well, seriously though listen how the whole time he keeps mocking all the other guests little subtle things, what a fake conservative, neocon talking points all the way, yeah America is great, but only when its the real America


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