Monday, June 8, 2009

The American Economy is a Giant Ponzi Scheme ready to Collapse : Peter Schiff

The Reserve Currency Status Corrupted America :
Gold is money and only gold can replace the dollar , if we move to the Euro as a reserve currency , ultimately it is going to corrupt Europe just like the Reserve Currency Status corrupted America there is no way we are debt back , we are going to default no matter what the credit rating agency are saying , are we going to be honest and restructure our the debt or are we going to keep on solving the problems by printing more money and issuing junk bonds ...we will end up like Argentina ....There gonna be a massive inflation Says Peter Schiff This morning on CNBC , he also talked about the massive inflation the debt that we are sinking in the federal reserve continuing to print more and more money out of thin air , the GDP is highly inflated with phony numbers , teaser rates , we are like Bernie Madoff running a giant Ponzi scheme ..people bought houses using teaser rates ...we do not know how long this recession will last


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2009

    A brief internet search reveals some of what Mike Mussa has said in the past:

    Wall Street Journal
    "if we have a recession, it's likely to be a relatively brief and mild one," Mr. Mussa said.


    CBS Broadcasting Inc.
    3-Dec-08. "I anticipate the current recession will go on until the middle of next year," said Michael Mussa, Peterson Institute for International Economics.

    Thats about now isn't it? Does what he's said in the past make you feel a lot better now?

  2. I'm converting all of my cash into Twinkies. They sort of look like gold bars, but they're much easier to carry to my hiding place in the Montana mountains!

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2009

    But of course the only thing Mr. Mussa is ever going to say is that the economy is sound and the problems are going to fade away pretty soon. He is afraid of getting unpopular in the pro-government circles whose policies he is paid advocate. The only thing he and a whole bunch of kins are afraid of is losing their well-paid jobs.
    The country lacks politicians and economists ready to take on unpopular decisions to benefit the country though ruining their career.


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