Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peter Schiff sees Asia Rising while America declining and the dollar crashing

Peter Schiff foresees a doomsday scenario for America in a recent interview with The World Future Society he predicted that Asia as a whole and not only China and Russia will rise to the rank of super power , with China and Japan becoming more reliable on domestic markets rather than the American consumption....meanwhile America will continue its irreversible decline with the risk of civil unrest , hyperinflation the crash of the dollar and the probability of the government starting to implement extreme measures such as seizing assets and precious metals " gold and silver " from its citizens ...when The only buyer left for the US treasury bonds is the federal reserve , the bond market will collapse inflation will soar consumer prices will sky rocket the dollar will crash this is a plausible scenario that could happen any time now as long as the FED keeps on printing money out of thin air instead of implementing free market regulations
You can read this scary interview here ,This is probably the most pessimistic interview Peter Schiff has ever given , with disturbing details ranging from the total collapse of the USA to civil unrest , very close to what Gerald Celente has been predicting for years ...quite disturbing and scary ...

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