Friday, June 19, 2009

The FED should return to market price rule : Kudlow

Kudlow: "Team Obama Wants To GIve The Federal Reserve A Virtual Dictatorship" :
I am really happily surprised to hear this last Kudlow statement , this same Kudlow who a couple of weeks ago was claiming that the economy has started to grow again , good that he has started learning from Peter Schiff , and I look forward to his next interview to Peter Schiff which I hope will be very soon ...Kudlow says "Team Obama Wants To Give The Federal Reserve A Virtual Dictatorship"
Kudlow like you have never seen him before saying "Let's roll this thing this is Geithner testimony : Team Obama Wants To Give The Federal Reserve A Virtual Dictatorship" " and I do not like it one bit "The Fed caused the credit crisis in the first place where the bubble had a policy of cheap rates monetary explosion and a sinking dollar they also initially missed the credit crunch crisis , look since they broke it why does anyone believe they'll fix it " "let the federal reserve return to a market place rule for money including gold the dollar bond rates and commodities , this will return to the stable money period from the early 80s to the late 90s before we embarked in this monetary insanity that totally destabilized the economy and completely undermined the stock market " and here is my final point " Washington is spending far too much time on regulations which is a states government approach , they are not spending enough time on ways to grow the economy with free enterprise incentive and strict limits to spending and borrowing debt creation and taxes ..we need economic growth right now that is number one we need risk taking we need entrepreneurship and yes we need all kind of transparent market I am all for that but we need growth growth growth ..." "Stop the Fiscal Insanity "

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  1. Sounds Like Kudlow going to run for the Connecticut Senate seat


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