Thursday, June 18, 2009

We need market forces not regulations Peter Schiff

PETER SCHIFF Against Obama's Bill :
Regulation of financial services did not stop the NASDAQ Bubble
small brokerage firms similar to Euro Pacific Capital Europac of Peter Schiff that are not too big to fail and have not been bailed out will have hard time keeping up with new government regulation and eventually will need to hire more personal ...The crisis is created by the excess of regulations not the lack of them , government interventions ..we need market forces not regulations , we are sawing the seeds of a greater disaster down the line , we should remove those regulations that disarm the market those regulations that created the crisis and led to the excessive risk taking . we want to reembrace free capital market and market principals , we do not need more government interferences and more regulations , the government continues to inflates bubbles ...we have learned nothing from the experience of the NASDAQ Bubble . all these regulations are just going to create a bigger government the result is gonna be a bigger problem and we are sweeping this under the rug , this bill will create more government agencies and new bureaucracy all this is unproductive job creation and excessive bureaucracy

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