Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peter Schiff : BRIC nations do not depend on the Dollar , The dollar depends on Them

Peter Schiff : Economy is phony, Dollar would collapse if not for BRIC countries intervention

Peter Schiff on Russia Today : government are the source of the problems .Government regulations did much more harm than good ,and in fact one of the main reasons we have this crisis today is direct government regulations and government interference and regulations imposed on the free market , the government created a situation of excessive risk taken that leaded to the collapse.The government interference in the market created the crisis , now their solution is having more government and more more government interference .they claim that the market created the problem and that the solution is more government and more regulations .This is MUCH longer than Schiff's gig with Jon Stewart ! Here US economic commentator and stockbroker, Peter Schiff , shares his views about recent developments in the world economy. Schiff calls the US economy "phony" ,monetary and fiscal policies "failed".. get the full spectrum of Schiff's views and ideas...If the government took control of the banks they will become less efficient , they will have more losses they will need to be subsidized. The BRIC nations

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