Thursday, July 9, 2009

Peter Schiff on the minimum Wage Law

Peter Schiff today directly from Las Vegas will talk exclusively about the minimum wage new law
"one of the stupidest laws in active " says Peter Schiff " it makes it illegal for people to work " "many jobs have been eliminated strictly as function of the minimum wage " "low skilled workers are in competition with employers they compete with high skilled and they compete with capital " there are no more receptionists because of the minimum wage law , instead we have voice mails automation , same thing happens in train stations and aerports nobody is there to carry your laggage , nobody is the gas station to pump your gas , a lot of kids who were pumping gas ended up mechanics , movie theaters uased to have ashers to show you your seat , there are no more because of the minimum wage , restaurants have plastic plates becaudse they do not want to pay dish washers ....


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2009

    Hi Peter,
    i agree with you on minimum wages. Look at S'pore, for example. Singapore is as advanced as many western countries. But Lee Kwan Yew decided not to have minimum wages law like the west. Because, like you said, min wages law destroy jobs, create unemployment, create burden to society. Jim Rogers like to stay in S'pore because, he said it, "everything works here." If anyone don't like to work for a $1/hour, then, s/he is free to leave. If the economy is booming, min wages will go up. If economy is bad, the min wages also go down. This is a self-adaptive economy. S'pore also even talking to implement "Flexible" wages... To survive in ever changing environtment in 21st century, the country need to adapt flexible strategies.

  2. 21 states already pay above the Federal minimum wage, and guess what? The 6 states with the highest minimum wage are also 6 of the brokest states.
    Read about it, and stick around for more good content.

  3. Back in the 90's, I was diagnosed with MS and lost my sales job. For the first time in many years, I went to the Republican precinct convention: the party that defends liberty and The Constitution, right? I prepared a number of resolutions for the convention, all of which passed, but one. That one said essentially, "We support the elimination of all minimum wage laws."

    Someone spoke out against it, saying that you need these laws because sime people won't pay enough... I couldn't believe how short-sighted someone was at a meeting of Republicans who were willing to get invoved. However, the precinct voted the resolution down.

    This is how tainted the stewed in popular culture American mind has become. Most REPUBLICANS don't understand liberty, The Constitution, OR basic economics and the development of labor. Honestly, given the relatively simple minds that run popular media, I can't see how Americans can be clearly educated, again. And, given the canyon that the current Congress and President have dug, I can't see how we can get out of it.

    If you ran for Senate and won, you would be roundly and regularly scorned. Keith Olberman would award you a record number of citations as "Worst Person In The World." He's probably pin your face on a dart board. I hope you'd have thick skin and brass...things.


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