Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peter Schiff on the Commodities Watch Radio

Peter Schiff is bullish on Uranium for long time , the fundamentals are extremely fantastic for the Uranium Peter Schiff said , when oil was cheap Uranium was practically given away dirt cheap , most of the producers were bankrupt , nobody was mining it the Russians were selling the Uranium for their war heads , but it is obvious that china Russia and India will continue to build nuclear powers and thus they need Uranium because there is no substitute to it , even if the prices go high they will still buy cause it is very expensive to shut down a reactor , they have to pay the price whatever it is it does not matter , it is too expensive not to buy and there is no substitute to it , the prices will probably keep on going up for Uranium I do not know how high the uranium prices will go before a nuclear power becomes uneconomical , apparently still a long way these prices , because it is still a very small percentage of the overall cost of a nuclear implant ...Peter Schiff says "I am just trying to help my clients to get out of the dollar , the optimum entry point is Right Now I do not wanna be on the dollar for a day longer than I have to , I think everyday as an American you go to sleep and the only reason you do not wake up in poverty is because the Japanese and the Chinese kept buying dollars for another night , I am looking to buy defensive stocks I am looking for good dividend , that's my whole idea I wanna have income coming from foreign sources so we have a meaningful cash flow so if the dollar collapse the value of our income stream flow rises to compensate our lost of purchasing power "

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