Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peter Schiff on Gold Seek Radio - 06-17-09

Commodities either go to the moon or go to Pluto says Peter Schiff on Gold Seek Radio this 06-17-09. Peter Schiff talks about the recent rising unemployment numbers, US treasuries and thinks at some point Build your own custom video playlist at embedr.coman ounce of gold will equal the DOW. Peter mentions the possibility of a bubble in Gold and precious metals in general but also in a mining companies bubble but he thinks it is years and years away from even forming right now gold and gold stocks are undervalued , they are not expensive yet , we are rather closer to the bottom than to the top in term of gold prices , cause if there was a bubble you would see everybody buying gold then there is a possibility of a bubble but for now people are selling their gold for pieces of paper namely dollar bills

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