Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gold and gold stocks are the best bets Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff: Gold and gold stocks are the best bets

Gold prices are poised for a “spectacular” and prolonged rally as the recession deepens and investors finally become disillusioned with the U.S. dollar.

So says renowned Wall Street financial forecaster and economist Peter Schiff, who loudly warned of the October 2008 stock market crash and accompanying recession as far back as 2006.

Since the global economic meltdown, the president of the Connecticut-based investment firm Euro Pacific Capital has struck a chord with rattled investors who have lost faith in America’s bedrock financial institutions. Hence, his well-received television media blitz in recent months has focused on extolling the virtues of owning gold bullion or gold equities, as well as urging Americans to get out of U.S. denominated investment assets.

In a recent on-camera interview with BNW Business News Wire, Schiff suggests that the looming prospect of a hyper-inflationary environment in the U.S. will severely debase the greenback over the next few years. And the global investment community will realize that gold represents the ultimate “store of value” as a safe haven replacement for a discredited U.S. dollar.

Hence, gold bullion and gold-related investments, such as gold equities, will prove to be the best way to shield one’s money from the ravages of a protracted and severe inflationary environment, Schiff says.

“If you really want to grow your wealth, you should own gold in the mining sector,” he adds, while also suggesting that gold equities (companies that are already in production) offer the greatest leverage to rising gold prices.
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