Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Peter Schiff at Hartford, CT July 4th Tea Party.

This July 4th Peter Schiff was the star at Hartford CT Tea Party
patriots revolutionaries and normal citizens fed up with the system from Connecticut rallied at the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court to face the state capital and demand that that federal government halt this stimulus packages drugged economy by President Barack Obama.Alan Greenspan was the bartender who got everybody drunk said Peter Schiff , who has been asked by the crowd to run for senate ... It is the belief of many that this so-called stimulus package is nothing more than a pork barreled spending bill that not only will never stimulate the economy to any real growth, but is in actuality an intentional effort by the govrnment to destroy the free market and create more government dependency by leaving the economy in shambles and the federal government the only choice for food, clothing and shelter

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  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2009

    Not only is Peter Schiff smart but he is a pimp too.


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