Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peter Schiff disagrees with Marc Faber on Hyper inflation

Peter Schiff answering your Reddit questions : Peter Schiff was on reddit lately answering your questions , reddit is a social media similar somehow to facebook and tweeter , the 10 questions touched several topics : Peter Schiff said amongst other things that he believes that the seized Japanese bonds on the Swiss Italian border seem to be counterfeit , because it is not logical that the Japanese finance minister will count on two individuals to smuggle that big amount of bonds , besides the old age of the bonds indicate that probably they are fake cause at that time we very unlikely had that much of bonds in press , Peter Schiff also said that he disagrees with Marc Faber regarding the probable hyperinflation , yes we will have a high inflation he said but I doubt that we will really have a hyperinflation ,how high we do not now but it will certainly be higher than the one we had in the 1917s he added.... that's a worse case scenario and it is very unlikely.... Peter was as excellent and outspoken as usual

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