Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chris Dodd is about to get hit by a Peter Schiff Storm

Peter Schiff Senate Race Support & Money Bomb

just another fan made video clip to support Peter Schiff's senate race against Chris Dodd , there is a money bomb going on on Aug 07 as you know ...
Schiff has created an exploratory committee for a Senate campaign against Chris Dodd, who has, for many decades now, held down the seat his father held before him. Combined with Dodd's recent announcement that he has early stages prostate cancer, the prospect of Schiff running has generated excitement both inside the Constitution State and outside among the freedom movement. A money bomb for Schiff is scheduled for August 7 has acquired about 6,500 pledges to donate $100, putting the money bomb 65% toward their goal of 10,000 pledges, or $1 million. It will be interesting to watch what happens with these upcoming money bombs. August 2009 could be another mile stone in the freedom movement.

Obviously, that money bomb now has a tremendous chance of reaching its goal. If Peter Schiff money bombs succeed, the whole concept of the money bomb will have successfully resurrected itself during an off-year election cycle. That will be a significant feat. So please prepare yourself to donate on August 7th if youd like to have a chance at getting a friend of Ron Paul (politically and personally) into the Senate.

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