Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peter Schiff Rand Paul and Dan Hannan on Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch 26 with Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Daniel Hannan, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, David Aitken

A brief discussion with Ron Paul on the phone was followed by a long healthy and interesting debate between Peter Schiff Dr Rand Paul Dan Hannan and Judge Napolitano about the economy and the Healthcare costs and the libertarian approach to this problematic , Dr Rand Paul then announced that he will make an important announcement regarding his electoral campaign on Neil Cavuto's Common Sense on Fox News , Peter Schiff later on today talking on the phone to Wall Street Unspun that was broadcast around 8pm today said that he made a $ 100 000 contribution to Rand Paul's Campaign and urged his supporters to do the same , without officially announcing whether he himself will be running for Senate in Connecticut or not , Peter on other occasions promised that his final decision will be made public before the end of this month , I remind you that there is a money bomb taking place on the 7th of this month to support Peter Schiff's campaign , money contributions are crucial to Peter's Campaign and he announced on several occasions that he will decide whether to run or not based on the amount of money his supporters will be able to donate to his campaign

Guests of today's Freedom Watch are :

  • Congressman Ron Paul
  • Dr. Rand Paul
  • Daniel Hannan
  • Peter Schiff
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Brian Aitken – On January 2, 2009 Brian Aitken was wrongly arrested for illegal possession of firearms while moving from one residence to another within the state of New Jersey.

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