Monday, August 3, 2009

DOW is up US Dollar Index is Down there is no real gain Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff Vlog August 3rd 2009 this Global stock market rally is fake

the global stock market rally continues , markets were very strong particularly commodities stocks The Asian market continues to lead the way the DOW is up more that 100 points today but the US dollar is down by 1% which pretty much negate that gain in real term , the dollar made a new low , the lowest since September of last year , as the markets are rising people wrongly are assuming that the problems are being solved and the recession ended and that this is a reason to be optimistic about the US economy , this is not the case at all says Peter Schiff ,

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  1. I agree. saying the Dow or Gold is going up because the numbers go up is like saying Milk is going up because it costs more. Anything dollar based is going to look like its "going up" because it takes more dollars to buy them.
    Better buy some of that gold and silver that keeps "going up" because its not going up, your dollars are going down.


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