Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peter Schiff on The Glenn Beck Show Fox News

Peter Schiff June 25 2009 Fox News - The Glenn Beck Show

is this a real recovery ? who are we kidding ! cash for clunkers stock markets rally various stimulus packages , the unemployment is still rising by the day the dollar is plunging , Peter Schiff and Glenn Beck both agree that the worse is still to come , Peter puts it elegantly by saying "The recession might be coming to an end the problem is the Depression is just getting started "!"the stimulus is an artificial stimulant that got us deeper into debt , remember that we are in trouble because we took on too much debt well now we have even more debt than when the recession begun " Peter added , the GDP is phony it is 75% consumer based the economy has been drugged with the stimulus packages so we are now in a "high time" period due to the drug dosage , the pain will come as soon soon we will start waking up from the drug effects and rediscovering the real world...

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