Friday, August 7, 2009

Peter Schiff on Fox Business "I might run for Senate " Wed 5 Aug 2009

Euro Pacific Capital President Peter Schiff on whether he plans to challenge Conn. Sen. Dodd for his seat. following is an Automatically Generated Transcript of the interview , not necessarily perfect :
"we have a question for Peter Schiff because I've been hearing the rumors I -- you have to what show the campaign button. Is this on the street ship Forsett argue that particular. Are you running for senate are you going to announce your candidacy Forsett."

" Well you know but I might. I -- we've been talking about this some seriously considering running I have a website shiff 4 Senate dot com that at a worse yeah -- puts my exploratory committee. So I am definitely looking into it I run as a Republican independence well what my intention would be would be to run as a Republican so first I have to get the Republican nomination. There's three people already in the race. But you know. Chris Dodd is the incumbent and we certainly want to get -- Chris -- but simply replacing him -- another Republican politician. Is it going to be much of an improvement what we really need to do is change Washington. Mean right now everything they're doing is wrong I mean they're doing the exact opposite well one of -- what."


  1. Govt healthcare has worked well everywhere in the world from h.k b/f 98.,france,canada and the U.K.
    Only in the states can it become a debacle.
    It should have been a good thing cept we must consider whether the US govt can pull it off with its debt and its already problematic healthcare system.

  2. I share the same views. Liked your blog very much.


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