Friday, September 11, 2009

what's going on with China Gold the dollar trade deficit, savings

China is preparing the world for the Yuan , the days of the dollar are numbered says Peter Schiff

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  1. Just a thought:

    America's controlling authority is trying to destroy the American dollar, and likewise also America's international debt, especially of course with China. Not only will they ruin the currency, but they will ruin the reputation of American dollars fundamentally, and America as a credible trading partner, period. No one will want to trade with American fiat money. Not for a very long time at least.

    Is this the idea? So America will accept a new regional currency (the Amero, or similar) because it will be the only way they can develop with a cheap labour partner (Mexico and geographically lower) and also have access to the full scope of natural resources (Canada). Are they flat-out creating the problem to justify that solution?

    And a more radical thought: Is Peter schiff allowed to become famous on TV to lead the reconstruction prgramme which will be based on real economics in the future (as a real reconstruction programme must be)? Is Mr Schiff (and others...maybe like Gerald Celente) himself being 'played" as part of the future master plan? I don't think you can dismiss it as a possibility. Fox has been extraordinarily generous to these guys. Why?

  2. China is one of the leading industrial nations in the world, with a robust and fast-growing economy.


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