Friday, April 16, 2010

Ron Paul : Eliminate the Income Tax and Abolish the IRS

Ron Paul on MSNBC April 15 2010

Ron Paul speaker at the Tea party : government is too big they spent too much money the deficit is going to be very very damaging to us , we are in the midst of a very severe financial crisis do not think it is over says Congressman Ron Paul , I think it will get much worse , we are much poorer than we used to be , we live on borrowed money , basic flaw is not taxation , taxation is the symptom , the basic flaw is what the american people expect from their government , as long as the American people condone and encourage a government that is supposed to take care of them from cradle to grave , as long as they condone a government that they think should police the world and have troops in 135 countries and have some hundred basis you cannot do anything about balancing the budget , you cannot do anything about cutting taxes , because if you can income tax and you cut taxes and you still spend , you still borrow and you still print money ...and inflation is a tax because it literally destroys the value of money and that is a tax as well....

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