Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Peter Schiff Interview withy The Norwich Bulletin

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Unfortunately The Norwich Bulletin have endorsed the republican Rob Simmons because they believe that he has spent his life serving in public sector while Peter Schiff and Linda McMahon were pursuing personal wealth according to the bulletin , Peter Schiff comments on this issues :
"The Norwich Bulletin has endorsed Rob Simmons because he has spent his entire life in service to his country. On the other hand, Linda McMahon and I have spent our entire lives in pursuit of personal wealth and self-interest. With that one observation the editorial board reveals their Marxist tendencies and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the free enterprise system upon which our nation is based.

According to the Bulletin the pursuit of personal wealth does not serve the national interest — that the goods and services provided or the jobs created in the process mean nothing. According to the Bulletin guys like Thomas Edison, Henry Forbes, Bills Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. have done nothing to serve the national interest. I suppose the invention of the electric light bulb did nothing to improve the lives of Americans. That candlelight is just as good. That all the jobs provided by Edison Electric did nothing to improve the lives of their employees. They must have a similar view of affordable automobiles, personal computers, windows operating systems, or iphones."
"What did Rob Simmons ever invent … nothing? How many millions has the Gates foundation given away in charitable contributions? Compare that to what Simmons is able to donate with his government paychecks…

Rob Simmons has spent his entire life collecting government paychecks. He has never run a business; he has never produced a product, provided a service, or created a job. Yet according to the Bulletin that makes his uniquely qualified to be a United States Senator.

According to the Bulletin my ideas are so radical and out of touch that they have no chance of success. Well I suppose to a bunch of socialist journalist, free market ideas are radical."
"Not a single newspaper has endorsed me. In fact, each one basically dismisses me as a nut."

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