Friday, March 25, 2011

Peter Schiff - it costs 50% more to make a dollar than it did 3 years ago

Peter Schiff - it costs 50% more to make a dollar than it did 3 years ago yet the FEd insists that there is no inflation

Peter Schiff : an Ironic story about Inflation , the Federal Reserve insist in saying that there is no inflation , yet there is a story today that the treasury is thinking about no longer printing One Dollar Bill , and the reason is because it is too expensive , because its cost is rising , they think that it may save us some money if we just make coins , One Dollar Coins which will last a lot longer and so they won't have to be reprinted , the bills that we use , are 70% cotton and 25% linen , cotton prices have gone up dramatically recently , according to this article the cost of printing dollar bill has increased by more than 50% since 2008 , you see the irony here , I mean the Federal Reserve says there is no Inflation yet the cost of printing money is gone up by 50% , for what reason ? well because of all the inflation , because they printing so much money they've driven the cost of the process and now it costs 50% more to make the bills than it cost three years ago despite the fact that the bills buy less ...a Dollar bill today cost 50% more to make than it did three years ago yet it has lower purchasing power in terms of what you could buy with it

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  1. The real problem I see is that Americans don't think on their own. They can't. They were born and raised - especially the younger generation - in a thoughtless environment. Whatever the government tells them they blindly follow it. There are not many folks who can point out what you did in your article. TV media are always chasing the ratings. They will tell things what the general populace want to hear.


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