Monday, April 11, 2011

Peter Schiff interviews Marc Faber 11 Apr 2011

Dr.Marc Faber interviewed by economist Peter Schiff explains why he believes that USA runs the risk of inflation rather than deflation , and how the case for United States and japan are very different , American can always pay its bills but in depreciated dollars , in theory the FED can monetize all new issues but obviously when that happens then the bonds market is toast anyway and when interest rates in the US will go up the interest payment on the government debt as a percentage of tax revenues will go up and so the fiscal deficit will actually never come down but rather go up in my opinion says Dr. Marc Faber so I think that the US has boxed itself into a very unpleasant situation "The US Dollar is really the worst of all possible currencies in the world " the second worst is probably the Euro but the US is the champion says Dr. Marc Faber

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