Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peter Schiff : socialist legislation prevents capitalism from working

Peter Schiff spills the beans on the Alex Jones Show

Peter Schiff says whenever you mix capitalism with socialism and you create problems ( as it is the case today in America ) the politicians always blame the problems on capitalism and they ignore the fact that they were introduced by the socialist legislation that prevented capitalism from working ! we are in deep problems because we keep on repeating the same mistakes ....
Captialism would have closed all the bankrupt banksters and replaced them with honest people and politicians. The people obviously like corrupt politicans, banksters and corporations ...Corporations don't pay these "higher" taxes. They have loopholes that they run through. Of the actual rate, they actually pay what, 10-12%? Small business are one thing, these large Wal-Mart-style corporations are getting over big time. My favorites are the oil companies. Must be nice to have the gov't give you money just for existing.

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