Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ron Paul to Announce Presidential Bid Next Month !

Congressman Ron Paul was yesterday a guest on the Alex Jones show he talked about the exploding silver and gold prices , the debasement of the dollar by the FED , this is the first time I hear Dr Paul talking openly about the New world Order NWO ! , he also speaks about the illegal war in Libya which is doomed to fail and bankruptcy will bring us to our knees , Ron Paul is George Washington reincarnated.Ron Paul in my opinion would make a great President. His greatest asset is Common Sense and a strong commitment to our Constitution. If Dr. Paul runs again, I predict that we will see demonstrations in support of his campaign throughout the world! Pocketbooks are getting light, stomachs are less full, and greed rules foreign relations, thus, ears and minds are more open. It's time to drop the hammer on the NWO

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