Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peter Schiff - investing in Senior Life Settlements SLS

Peter Schiff  : the end of your question you hit the nail in the head as to why I would not recommend them because you are buying a potential pay off in US Dollars and the question is what are those dollars are going to be worth if and when you get your pay off , so if you can look at these products and have them in Swiss Franks for example then I might be attracted to them but to the extend that their future payments is the US Dollars and I have great doubts as to what the US Dollar will be worth in the future , certainly the further in the future you go the less sure I am of what the dollar will buy , I personally would not be looking at them I want future obligations in currencies that have a better chance of not being debased to the degree that I believe the dollar will or that aren't currencies at all , that are in commodities or in precious metals or if they are in stocks of companies that are paying dividends where if there is a lot of inflation no matter where they ultimately will be able to pass on their higher costs in the form of higher prices which means they will be able to increase the dividend they're paying which means I can be compensated and I can hold my purchasing power steady in an inflationary environment .....

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  1. What's missing from this discussion is the fact that "universal" (aka "whole", "cash value") life insurance is a ripoff in the first place. Life insurance companies, and their agents, love selling cash value life insurance because of its huge profits and commissions. They even profit when the customer realizes they've been snookered and want to sell the policy back. Which is why they oppose allowing third parties to buy them. If you want life insurance, buy term life insurance. If you want to save money, there are plenty of more profitable avenues than cash value life insurance.
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