Friday, June 3, 2011

Peter Schiff : we are in a depression not a recession

Peter Schiff : we are not in a recession this time we are in a depression unfortunately we did not lose enough jobs because president Obama still has his , he thinks we are on the road for recovery , no he put us on the road for ruin , he is there bragging about how the government saved the auto industry they put the final nails on the coffin of the auto industry we would have a much better auto industry if we had allowed them to go through a legitimate restructuring through bankruptcy instead all we did is turn the keys over to the UEW and now we gonna have a less competitive auto industry than would have been the case had we allowed the markets to do it ,

If the Federal Reserve keeps pumping more money out of thin air into Social Security and the Fractional Reserve Banking ponzi scams to prevent them from collapsing, the dollar will hyperinflate!

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  1. The fiscal and monetary policies of the US have been incrementally going in the wrong direction for decades. Obama just personifies the point in US history in which the day of reckoning is squeezing the life out of America . . . Question is: Will the United States revert back to the master plan as presented within the US Constitution as well as embrace the natural laws of economics in a free market system as celebrated in capitalism? We should pray that the United States of America will be reborn/re-established in accordance to the ideals and principles of our founding fathers.


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