Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peter Schiff : Get out of the US Dollar NOW !!!

Peter Schiff : The whole idea is to get out of the US Dollar to get out of a currency that is on the verge of collapse , because the people who do get out they think they are playing it safe they do not want to take any risks so they keep their money in the dollar they are going to be broke , they are going to be completely broke and that is obvious , it is obvious to me that that's what is going to happen ....and if you did not believe me up until now , you got to believe me now , look at what Ben Bernanke did he slashed interest rates to zero , Interest rates are zero now the money is free , there is no more cuts , the FED can't keep cutting interest rates anymore , they are out of bullets , and what's Ben Bernanke says he is going to do in the future to stimulate the economy , he is going to run the printing presses as fast as he can and he is going to buy government bonds , he is going to buy mortgages he is going to buy credit cards debts he is going to buy all the crap that no one else in the world wants , and this is pure inflation Latin America style , this is hyperinflation , this is Zimbabwe this is the identical monetary policy this is what the Weimar Republic did and we are going to have the same results , you can't revive the economy by printing more money they are going to suffocate it to death it is going to die by hyperinflation....

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  1. I read this all the time. My issue is this: What do Americans with company matching 401Ks do about getting out of the dollar? I have called Fidelity multiple times. There are only so many options ( I believe 6). I am asking this because I have been asking it everywhere else and no one is responding. Please, tell me what I can do with my 401K. I have already switched my stocks and have started purchasing metals, but I do not know what to do with the 401K. email @ if you have a good solution for me. Thanks.


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