Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peter Schiff on FOX Business News 15 Aug 2011

Peter Schiff : the stock market gets all the headlines but I think the markets that we should really watch are the Foregn Exchange market and the Bond market , because the FED can always prop up the stock market by printing money at least nominally , but if we get a crack in the dollar and a crack in the bond market that's really the beginning of the end , I think that's happening right now and the Bank of Japan is trying to fight this other foreign central banks are trying to prop up the dollar but I think ultimately they are going to be overwhelmed by selling ....

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  1. Those that control our Congress owe their loyalty to subversive organizations that the American people are unaware of. Add up all of the Zionists and Jesuit educated and you will see the problem immediately. Both groups need to destroy America to accomplish a wicked agenda, they just have a little different methodology.


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