Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peter Schiff : Europe is temporarily buying us some time

This is a very insightful speech given by Peter Schiff under the title 'What About Causes Economic Crisis' in an afternoon tea lecture series on the basic principals of Money , sponsored by Congressman Ron Paul . Peter Schiff explains what is money and why we should go back to the gold standard .Peter Schiff : "...the dollar is going to collapse , right now Europe is temporarily buying us some time but it is going to be very expensive time because it is enabling us to go deeper and deeper into debt , but again where is this debt is going , it is going to finance more government , the government bubble is worse than the housing bubble , it is worse than the dot com bubble , because at least in the dot com bubble we had a couple of companies that had value , at least with the housing bubble we had houses , but what we are getting from the government bubble ? we are getting more bureaucrats "

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