Saturday, March 15, 2014

Peter Schiff : This Phony Bubble Economy that gets bigger and bigger

 Peter Schiff : There is a limit to how much artificial stimulus we can have. There is a limit to how much money the world is willing to lend. Because once they are coming to terms with the fact that we are never going to pay the money back, they are not going to want to send us their savings and send us their production if we can’t pay for it. 
But we got this phony bubble economy that gets bigger and bigger. People focus on the stock market. They say, “Well the stock market is going up that must mean the economy is getting better.” No it doesn’t. There is just a lot of cash, a lot of inflation created by the central banks. So they are able to inflate a bubble in stocks or in real estate, but they are not able to generate legitimate economic growth.  - in The Epoch Times

Peter Schiff is a well-known commentator appearing regularly on CNBC, TechTicker and FoxNews. He is often referred to as "Doctor Doom" because of his bearish outlook on the economy and the U.S. Dollar in particular. Peter was one of the first from within the professional investment field to call the housing market a bubble. Peter has written a book called "Crash Proof" and a follow-on called "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets". He is the President of EuroPacific Capital, which is a brokerage specializing in finding dividend-yielding, value-based foreign stocks.

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