Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Money Bomb Success and The Ed Show Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff's VLOG Saturday 08 August 2009

In this saturdays Vlog Peter talks in detail about the money bomb that was scheduled for yesterday which was able to raise around $300 000 to add to what Peter was able to accumulate by himself it makes around $700 000 to $800 000 which a significant amount of money said Peter Schiff , Peter will certainly beat his opponents contributions records , Peter also called the money bomb a success although it was not able to raise the goal of one million dollar , normally more money will be raised the more the main stream media will be impressed and will give a voice to Peter Schiff , Peter Schiff then speaks about the unemployment , the numbers are not as bad as people feared , but there is still a lot of unemployment and we are still losing jobs not to mention that many of the jobs gained are bureaucratic government jobs , not productive jobs and kind of jobs we should get rid of , Peter then speaks about his appearance on ed's show and how the hosts never left Peter speak up his mind to watch this show click here : Peter was excellent and polite as usual despite the hosts harassment and preconceived notions and positions

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